Professional training for professional drivers

We offer passenger transport as part of:

  • company trips (employee transport, training and integration events),
  • journeys for players and staff of sports clubs,
  • colonies, camps, holidays,
  • going on pilgrimages,
  • individual transfers to airports,
  • occasional trips (weddings, oaths, communions),
  • recreational and sports trips, events, concerts, etc.

If you have a question related to the scope of services – please contact us – we will be happy to answer any question.

We are convinced that cooperation with us is something that every demanding client expects.

Driving license, category D

Category D driving license course is intended for people who want to become a bus driver. Category D of the driving license allows you to drive a bus, agricultural tractor or slow-moving vehicle. The prerequisites for obtaining a category B driving license are category B qualifications and must be at least 24 years old. A person with an initial qualification specified in the provisions of chapter 7a of the Act of On September 6, 2001 on road transport, he can take the exam at the age of 21. We also conduct periodic training.

Price from 1500 PLN

We offer driver training in the following areas:

  • driving course for category D,
  • pre-qualification,
  • accelerated pre-qualification,
  • supplementary qualification,
  • periodic training.

We offer people who choose our training the opportunity to continue their career in our company.

If you are interested, please contact us: +48 505 096 377 Kamil Jaruga

Mobile advertising

If you are considering advertising on buses - you've come to the right place! Advertising on buses is a great way to communicate information. The bus journey usually takes 20 to 50 minutes, during which time some passengers look around and look for a starting point. There is a good chance that the advertisement placed on the bus will arouse the interest of the passenger. Moreover, we also offer placing your advertisements on our vehicles in the form of graphics printed on special foils. If you are interested - please contact us.