A few days before holidays, we took part in a training course on improving and enhancing driving technique skills.

The aim was to familiarise ourselves with and teach our drivers to master various elements such as:

Defensive Driving – anticipating the behaviour of other road users and driving the coach in the same way.
Ecodriving – a special driving technique to keep fuel consumption as low as possible.
Both techniques took place in city traffic under the guidance of an experienced driving instructor. We were able to discuss mistakes, correct behaviour and dangers that may occur while driving, e.g.: when approaching a junction, pedestrian crossing, etc.

Driving in difficult road conditions
Each of our drivers was able to understand and experience each of the safety systems such as ABS / ASR / ESP in a safe and controlled manner while driving.

All manoeuvres took place under controlled conditions on a special skid plate. Each of our drivers had to challenge themselves physically and, more importantly, mentally from controlling the coach in hazardous conditions.

Familiarising themselves with the feeling of getting into a skid or how not to get into such a situation, and what to do once you are in it.

Such training strongly influences the imagination and helps to understand the behaviour of the machine. It opens your eyes to speed, which, even if it is only a few km/h, can save lives (reaction time, braking distance, obstacle avoidance). During the training, we put a lot of emphasis on effective emergency braking.

Each of our drivers is always richer in experience after such training. As a team, we are happy to have the opportunity to improve our skills and develop.

We appreciate the time spent with us and translate it into everyday life in our profession.

We are confident that such recurring training that takes place in our company certainly sets us apart in the industry.